A-Turf field replacement project at Elizabethtown College in PA
Multi-Sport Field at Elizabethtown College – Elizabethtown, PA • Installed: 2013 • System: A-Turf Titan

A-Turf sources quality materials and the best component suppliers for its systems. The “system” equation factors quality, durability and cost into the best value for our clients.

Made in the U.S.A.

All materials used in A-Turf systems are made and assembled in the U.S.A.

The most proven fiber on the planet.

Most A-Turf systems feature world-renowned TenCate, a 350+ year-old manufacturer known for industry-leading innovation. While A-Turf offers every fiber type and specification on the market, the featured design is the blended Mono & XP fibers – the A-Turf® Titan system – which has become popular because of its superior durability and pleasing aesthetics.

The industry’s best quality turf.

Controlled Products manufactures the turf to A-Turf’s design, specification and detail. They’re the world leader in both quality and quantity, and have initiated much of the research & development that have pioneered many of the advances in synthetic turf for decades. A-Turf’s artificial turf quality includes a superior, maximum-strength urethane coating application, which is done in-house at Controlled Products’ facility. Tremendous quality control and consistency are A-Turf’s hallmark.

An optional ShockPad gives A-Turf systems the best safety rating, replicating perfectly-conditioned natural grass.

Ecore’s prefabricated ShockPad provides superior consistency of density, thickness and resilience. When used with a plush A-Turf system, it provides the greatest shock absorption in the industry – over the life of the surface – equal to perfectly-conditioned natural grass. It’s been in use in the United States and Europe for so many years that it is proving to have a 25+ year expected life (more than two field life cycles), so it can be reused when a new synthetic turf system is installed. It extends the turf life by reducing friction and wear on the turf backing.

We offer every infill type.

A-Turf offers all synthetic and organic infill materials in its systems. The most popular choices are recycled rubber and sand. A-Turf is very particular about the volume, cleanliness, size and shape of the rubber and sand that it uses. Only the cleanest rubber on the market and sub-angular sand meet the demanding A-Turf specifications. Standard infill choices include black & colored EPDM and Envirofill.

A-Turf has athletic fields coast-to-coast that demonstrate those quality components.

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