Burndy Hills
AVAILABLE TO ALL PUBLIC ENTITIES: Purchase an A-Turf field at a low-bid price without the hassle of the low-bid process or challenges of award to the wrong contractor.

FACT: Sourcewell membership enables you to buy from A-Turf at competitive bid-level prices.
Sourcewell is AVAILABLE TO ALL PUBLIC ENTITIES – from schools to park districts throughout the United States. This is not going “around” your bid process. Sourcewell already went “through” the required bid process.

BENEFIT: Sourcewell contracts save you and your entity considerable time and money.
Sourcewell members purchase products and services at a reduced cost through contracts without duplicating their own competitive bidding process and requirements, because Sourcewell has already nationally solicited, evaluated and awarded contracts through a competitive bid process.

ACTION: It takes only minutes to complete a no-cost, no-obligation, no-liability Sourcewell membership.

Membership is FREE! Join now.

Sourcewell Contract Documents:

Bid Opening Form
Comments and Review Summary
Contract Acceptance and Award
Current Contract Extension
Form G Proposal Scores
Meeting Minutes Approval
Public Advertisement History
RFP Contract Document

Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law and Joint Exercise of Powers Laws.

Note that A-Turf’s Sourcewell Contract Award is through its turf producer, Controlled Products. Any purchase of A-Turf products and services may be handled directly with A-Turf under the “joint” Awarded Contract: 082114-CTP. Category: Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating.

Or call A-Turf’s Kristopher Schmitt (eastern time) toll-free at 888-777-6910 or email him.